The first thing you have to ask your self about a location is "Where is it?" The pacific ocean For example: The Pacific Ocean is in between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. We can use longitude and latitude to find exact location on the globe. Location can be discribed, shown and/or, describing the area around a location. There are two types of location: absolute and relative.

       Absolute location:

       Absolute location is a pin pointed place on the globe or sky. Example: Sacramoento Ca. is in the center of the state of California.

       Relative location:

       Relative location is finding a place on the globe or sky by giving a description of an area around the specified place. Example: Colorado is in the United States.


What do you think about when you here the word "place"?  You should think "What is it like there?" Place is the physical features of a specific place, such as New York city. Place can be land, water, the weather, and the plants and animals.

Human Environment/Interaction

     What do you think about when you hear "Human environment and there interaction"? The question geographers think is "What is the relationship between people and their environment?" For instance: why do people congregate to a place. What people do to try to make it better for them. What will give them a better experience in thier environment. Example: If somone walks into a room that another person dosen't like that person is goning to try to avoid the one they don't like.


     What do you think about when you think of movement? Do you think about cars? Trains? Boats? Geographers think "How are people and places connected?" Some people move to a different place because they can't afford to live there anymore. Some may move to get away from somebody. Then theres the ways people move. The most common, by far, is cars. Others are motorcycles, boats, trains, and airplanes.


     What do yo think about when you hear "Region"? Geographers think"How are places similar or different?" Regions could be the desert, ocean, rainforest, mouintains, Fields, waterfalls, or vallys. Geographers consider all of these things when the are studying and area or teaching a class. There is so much to learn about geography no one can ever know it all. but we can try!